Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to a wide range of automation processes and software solutions that eliminate all manual and monotonous tasks, speed up marketing processes and run your business much more effectively.

The technology in today’s marketing automation tools enable us to better personalize and improve your inbound and outbound marketing activities. It helps manage social media, create personified email campaigns and targeted newsletters for prospective customers, simplify and accelerate the analysis of campaign results, and (finally) ends with lead generation.

The growing popularity of marketing automation corroborates its’ significance in finding prospects for the top and middle of the marketing funnel for B2B and B2C brands. Highly personalized marketing activities bring customer interest, strengthens loyalty and result in higher revenue.

Modern marketing automation tools are integrated with several e-commerce platforms to increase work efficiency. Many of them include data analytics and AI solutions.

Furthermore, the automation tools segment and score leads impartially. It provides reliable AB tests’ results and is key to considering customers’ commitment and analyzing their behavior on the website.

Some platforms also provide automation for various business’ processes, which efficaciously help with lead nurturing.

Benefits of marketing automation

  • saving time and money
  • boost work efficiency
  • errors reduction
  • positive effect on customers’ commitment
  • facilitate lead generation
  • drive business growth and increase revenue
  • help with lead nurturing

Well implemented tools will successfully help in daily routine tasks. Conversion paths are easy to analyze, find leaks and rearrange as needed. Starting from first user visit to closing deals.

The forecasts

The statistics are promising! Process automation is gaining popularity – 68% of marketers support their work with automation. Even 80% of users confirm the increase in the number of potential customers.

Moreover, the forecast says, that the marketing automation market will almost double in 5 years!

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